Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekly Summery

bags 365:20

Sales This week: 11 (but I'm a day late in writing this)

Hearts: 391

Treasuries: Curated 2, one was dedicated to tarot cards, though i didn't include mine, and one to being sick. I was also featured in 2 treasuries, both dedicated to the color red!

Main source of inspiration: Sadly, non! I was sick all week! the only thing I made for the store were deck of tarot cards and nothing new...

Best thing to eat: just soup and tea!

Shopping: 30$ were spend on about 11 sheets of paper at New York central art supply.

Greatest achievement: Being sick and still manage to get the store going.

Disappointments: didn't do any promotion this week. Also, trying to put down some boundaries to a problematic buyer and failing.


Last week's goals and how I held up:

1. If I can make those 6 sales this week, I'll be happy.
I did much better then that! I made 11, which makes the month total so far at 25.

2. Get my hands on one more treasury at least and if possible, be in one.
Double the fun - I was in 2 and made 2.

3. I got a very nice e-mail from the woman who wrote the Etsy article in Ynet. I want to answer it and write her about my favorite Etsy store.
Nope i didn't do that one, correspondence is really hard for me now.

4. List a fine art piece.
Nope, didn't do that one either.

5. Odin the wolf sold, so I want to make another wolf. And possible another fox.
No wolfs or foxes were made.

6. Make another cups deck and another major deck.
That actually did get done, and I'm pretty susre they both sold.

7. I want to write a blog entry \ article about my experience in Tarot and the history of them in my life. Possibly the first of a series of articles about my personal view of Tarot card. This would be a perpetration to a fuller instruction manual I intend to make about cards.

8. Go see those exhibitions!

Over all, though sales were great, I didn't do enough to promote or take care of my store as far as stocks goes. I hope I'll be a little bit more energetic in the next few days after I recover some more.

Cool mistake!

Goals for next week

1. Make one more major arcana and one more cups decks.

2. Make a new wolf and a new fox - there are very few toys in the store now...

3. get a treasury and be in a treasury.

4. Write that tarot article I wanted to write last week.

5. promote more - write in the blog, in indipublic and we-love-etsy

6. make some new small inspirational notebooks and make a tutorial about how to make them.

7. List something every day

1 comment:

David Crofts Munro said...

Something I have always wanted to do is create my own tarot deck. I reckon you have inspired me to give it a try!

Good luck with them sales!