Saturday, February 2, 2008


Valntine's tarot

I thought tarot would make a great Valentine's gift - check out how your love life is going to go on the up coming year. Plus, the illustrations are mostly of nude or semi-nude ladies so that's good for the whole sexy factor. However, all the colors available in the store right now were green-blue and black and white, ot very valentine oriented.

Usually pink is not my favorite, to say the lease, I find it too sweet and girly, but the gray paper balanced it in a really lovely way and it finally gave me the push I needed in using the most beautiful fabric ever that I have been hording for the past month - pink and red large mums with a brown center on cream.

This is really the most romantic and special valentine's present I can think of. If you want to go beyond the random chocolate and jewelery and give something unique and wonderful, this is the way to go...

Check it out!

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