Thursday, February 7, 2008

A story about a skirt

Suade Art Kit 365:15

A while ago, Ned and I were shooting for a fashion designer, her Name's Emily and she's an artist and a designer. She designed 2 beautiful Jackets, one very natural looking and the other, metallic and shiny. She said she'll bring some jumpsuits for the bottom, but we wanted to get some stuff, and the day before the shoot, I went to the Salvation Army store and bought a really nice mid length suede skirt, which I thought would look nice with the natural looking jacket.

Coming home and putting the skirt on the rack, I saw found a really wonderful find, It turned out it was an Isaac Mizrahi Leather skirt.

We never got to used it in the shoot, but I decided to keep the skirt for myself. Somehow, though it was beautifully made and very nice to touch, I only wore it once, it was a little too big and didn't look that great on me. So it set in the closet for a while, and seem would go on doing so until spring cleaning when I'll take it back to the Salvation army store.

However, a couple of day's ago I got an e-mail through Etsy, someone asked is I can make a traveler art kit from leather, and later that day, I remembered the skirt, so 2 days later, and the skirt is reincarnated as a nice folder for sketchbooks and pencils.

I have a bit of a problem using animal products for crafts, like leather, I love working with it, but feels it's immoral, using reclaim leather makes me feel a little better about it.

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