Thursday, February 28, 2008

Like Birthday and Christmas all at once!


I was trying to find a specific quote by Oscar Wilde that I always liked, but can't seem to place it now. It was something about how artists should always surround themselves with beautiful things. I always felt like having a lot of art around and beautiful things, is a good way to protect one self from the harshness of reality.

I'm not much of a collector those days, I moved to NY with 2 suitcases and a box full of books, of course some stuff had been collected in the past year and a half - books, art, cloths and so on, but we do try to keep it simple and not hang on to too much stuff.

Why am I writing all this, because today an amazing portfolio of 30 (!) amazing art print arrived in the mail. I send 30 of mine a long long time ago, for a Baren Print exchange and today I got back the prints from 30 other artists.

While working on my print, I though to myself, that I really don't need 30 prints back and that I hate printing so many, but today, when I'm the proud owner of an extensive print collection, I realize how important it is to be exposed and own other artist's work. I feel so inspired I really want to start working on a new print.

List of participants: Barbara Mason, Robert Simola, Jeanne Norman Chase, Tiberiu Chelcea, Viza Arlington, Ld Lawrence, Su Tamsett, Loren Letourneau, Charles Philip Brook, James Mundie, Lee Churchill, Mary Kuster, Linda Hornberger, Wimberley Burton, Michelle Morrell, Robert Viana, Diane Cutter, Sharen Linder, Barbara Patera, Julio Rodriguez, Monica Bright, Jean Womack, Joseph Taylor, Claudia G Coonen, Eli Griggs, George Jarvis, Judith Kornett, Kolene Dietz, Mark Mason, Linda Mcphail


whimsywren said...

These are fantastic. Good going!

High Desert Diva said...

Wow! What a great exchange. I can see why you're so inspired!

painted fish studio said...


how fun and inspiring!

Alberto GarcĂ­a said...

"Man should surround himself with beautiful things, such as furniture, paintings, wallpaper, and architecture, in order to be happy".

That's the Wilde's quote, although I don't agree at all. Beautiness cannot exists without ugliness. It's a matter of contrasts.

Good blog :-)