Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trade Up!

2 new books arrived in the mail in the past couple of days and I wanted to show them off! I approached two book artist a couple of weeks ago and offered to trade, it's a nice way to move stocks about and also to get wonderful stuff from people that i don't know how to make myself.

I'm so glad I offered the trades, I really couldn't be happier with what I get, also, seeing how other etsy seller wrap their stuff and what they send the package with is very inspiring and educational.

So, without farther a due, my new books!



This books comes from a beautiful jewelery makes and a book artist called Anne, this book is made of beautiful marbled paper that i love, I've never seen this binding before, it's a cross between long stitched and regular European style binding with the stitches exposed. I really love it, it's inspiring me to learn more binding method and already gave me a cool idea for a book.

The end paper is beautiful red pattern and the pages inside are nice and soft. I knew it was going to be a nice book but really, I never expected it to be so awesome! This is going to be my Trip-to-Israel sketchbook, I hope I can fill the whole thing in the 2 weeks I'm going to be there next month.

Really, I can't stress enough how awesome this book is, you should all get one at Anne's store

Painted Fish Studio

This is the second book I got, the price on it was really really low, and I couldn't understand why, I thought I might be reading the measurement wrong or something, however, it turned out that i didn't, this is amazingly made, the materials are really top quality and the whole thing is so awesome I still don't understand why she doesn't charge 5 times more at least for it.

This is a beautiful old fashion style album made from black paper and bound in beautiful mustered. the end paper is cool yellow on mustered dots. I'm especially excited about how amazing this is because Ned's going ot use it for a small version of his portfolio to take for meetings with Model, so I'm glad it's going to look great (well, unless I decide I'm taking over).

Jen's store have beautiful books, albums, art prints and other paper craft, her pictures are beautiful and the whole store have a beautiful clean look. Visit painted fish studio!


painted fish studio said...

hi aya! thanks so much for featuring my mustard book on your blog! i really enjoyed the trade - it's always so great to make new "friends" online.

why is that album style so cheap? a few reasons - i made them a few years ago (before etsy was around) and then boxed them up until an opportunity came up to sell them. so for me, setting the price low is just a good way to get them out of the box and out of the studio! the second reason is the material cost on those is so low, and once you get into production mode, they're not difficult to make.

but i'm so glad you like it! and the other book you received is gorgeous!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Well, looky there! Your ideas on promotion are working. I saw a post on Painted Fish Studio about your trade with Jen which led me to viewing your blog and etsy shop. I have seen many of Jen's wonderful pieces in person and can't wait to see your bookmarks the next time I stop by her house. I will definitely keep your work in mind the next time I need to buy a gift or possibly splurge on myself.