Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 beautiful packages


I resurrected the Etsy store almost 3 months ago, it was standing there, empty aside of 4 expired listings I put in almost a year before. I had a bit disagreement that somehow manage to get into a full scale war on a swap group I was in, and I decided I will never swap again... The first thing that I missed after 2 weeks of being upset about the war, was the insensitive to craft on a deadline, I realize that unlike making drawings and painting, there's no way in hell I will saw a handbag or make a sock puppet unless there's someone on the other end who wold take it off my hand.

So, I decided to list something in the store every single day for a month and see what happens. And it turned out that not only, I was really creative and learn a lot of new things, but also, people are actually willing to pay money for it, so now the store is just like the swap site, only I swap stuff i make for money!

Which only leaves out one problem - I used to get a few very cool packages every week, and now, though I love seeing the money I make in my paypal account, I almost never get any cool mail anymore... And I miss that!

This week however was different, I got not one, not two but three really amazing packages which I'm really happy with!

The one on top came from a good friend of mine from Israel. She send me stuff that would remind me of Israel, which it have. Isn't it the best feeling in the world when someone know what will make you happy?! especially if those things are such a strange collection of stuff!

Top left - a cool handmade pouch full of charms she found in the flee market. The Hamsa, fish and blue eye are all so Israeli it makes me want to cry, they are all good luck charms, the red oval one is a Christan symbol and the white dove with "peace" on it, is really Israeli as well, somehow the way she manage to put the 3 greatest religion of Israel in a tiny pouch is really beautiful to me.

Top Right - 2 negative envelopes form an old famous photography studio in Tel Aviv, that place is as old as the city, I think those are probably from the 60's or 70's by the design.

Bottom left - two baby shirts in vintage patterns, I remember having those pear and apple pattern underwear when I was a toddler. I'm not sure what am I going to do with them - I love the fabric and would love to have something I could wear made of it.

Bottom right - the best thing in the world! a drawing that she made of an Arak label, my favorite Israeli drink!


The second package that came in is my first trade on Etsy, I've been wanting a coptic stitched book since forever, and i really like this one - look how cool it is! The cover is made of soft suede and the stitching is beautiful. This girl's store is really too cheap and I suggest everyone go and buy a lot of stuff before she realize that and push her prices up (as she should!).


The last packages was a total surprise! apparently, I made a package for this person back in August as a part pf a swap, for the life of me I can't remember what I send her. She wrote a very nice letter saying she was inspired by my package and wanted to make something for me! I'm really touched by the hard work she put into the quilted scarf - I love it, the colors are beautiful and IT GOT POCKETS! which is very useful and cool. I was relaly touched by her letter and by the thoughtfulness in making this for me.

I'm going to wear this scarf for a Bar Mitzva today!

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