Saturday, February 2, 2008

Treasury West is Back!

Minor Arcana - Cups

And with it, the awesome possibility to get one right as you want it like I did last night when I heard the good news. The main problem was that I had nothing ready to go so it's a bit theme less, however I think I manage ot build a pretty respectable one out of my favorite store list, It manage to get a strange color look which I'm not even sure that I like.

Still - no sales this week, it sucks. I haven't put much in the store since the fox, but renewed a couple of items, even with the slow week and a half, I'm still really happy about January, I had to pay 55$ in etsy free for January and half of February Which 'm really impressed with. Also, I finally started illustrating the new Minor arcana tarot deck, I'm half way into finishing the "cups" element. I'm still not sure whether I should sell each element on it's own or wait till the whole set is done and sell the 56 together, or wait till the whole set is done and sell the whole 78 together including the major arcana.

It's very strange to find myself thinking in terms of marketing and cost effectiveness. I know that waiting till the whole set is done probably make more sense but I'm still probably going to try and sell each element on it's own because I can't bring myself to commit to finish the entire project, for now I'm saying "I'll do 14 and see what happens..."

OK, breakfast and back to work. I made another Tarot deck last night that need to be shot and listing, and I have every intention in the world of finishing those illustrations today and perhaps, make the first "cup" deck and put it in the shop.

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