Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the winner is...

Finally got around to throw the raffle for the No use crying over spilled dishes raffle today.
It was the best raffle I've ever had - over 40 people participated by "liking" me on facebook.
And the winner is... Veronica from Switzerland, congratulation! 


I'm going to throw another raffle real soon, so stay tunes...

I just want you to be happy

I just want you to be happy

Monday, June 28, 2010

breakfast drawings

A dream

In my dream you had a baby, it was born prematurly.

I had to get you and the baby to the hospital.

The baby was tiny, I held her in my feast, but her body was proportioned like and adult.

She had long brown hair, like mine.

I couldn't find the way to the right ward, and you were dragging behind, you were being so mean, insulting me, laughing at me. I used my other hand to drag you. You kept blaming me for things I knew I didn't do and I kept saying "fine, fine, we'll talk about it later".

Between my one hand holding your wrist and the other holding the baby, I had to drop all of my stuff, my hat, my jacket, my handbag, and just run and run, with you dragging me back.

When I woke up my fist was cletched so hard and my hand was full of sweat.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the train

Real chanel handbag with a chain hendle

Wine color toenails that matches your lips

A monogram nacklace

A golden watch

A perfect tan.

One of those polka dots jumpers with the puffy sleeves that are Ho-So-fashionable now.

Would I want to be you?




Maybe yes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

cool people

Went to a really cool art opening in CultureFix tonight. I love how though NY is so hot right now people still take the time and effort to dress really nice and creative.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things I think about while having breakfast

Artist studios

Nomad culture

Virginia Wolf

Belonging to sub-cultures as a way to feel both an outsider and also a part of a community

Paper plates


The passing of time

Becoming a family

Plastic toys


A thing, and a description of a thing



Birthdays and what I don't like about them




Robert Frost

The future


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning drawing

A couple of days ago I bought some very tiny plastic animals in an art store, without any idea of what I can do with them, they were just too cool to not buy.

This morning, at breakfast, I realized I forgot all my reference images at home, and so the little bear became my reference for the morning drawing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thrift Store finds

I was really inspired by this blog entry, a mother and her daughter celebrated the daughter's 11th birthday on June 11, by going to 11 thrift store and getting a whole bunch of super beautiful stuff. I don't know if they are just better at me in thrift store hunting or if they have better thrift sores where they are, but I've never came home with such an awesome loot.

The blog entry did motivate me to maybe start and shoot what I do get in thrift stores and not just what gets on the models when Ned and I shoot.

Today, we went to get some exact-o blades in the art store and next to it discovered our old favorite thrift store, Atlantis Attic, that used to be right by our house then moved away. 

I guess I was in a sparkly mood, cause I found a beautiful beaded golden purse and an even more spectacular black and white beaded silk top. Ned found a little handbag made out of wooden plates that he intend to take apart and build something new from.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No use crying over spilled dishes giveaway

One of the things I was the most nervous about before Renegade craft fair was "what if I break something" this fear was quite intensified by the fact that they placed my booth right by a soccer field (the ball made it into the booth quite a few times...) and a tornado alert in Brooklyn.

As it happened, nothing broke at the fair, however, upon returning to the safety of the studio, I managed to break 3 dishes! a glass, a Japanese cup and a coffee cup, which left this Saucer all alone in the world...

So I decided to see if I can find it a happy home and throw a giveaway raffle! it's a very sweet saucer with birds on a pink background.

All you need to do to win this is become my friend on facebook, then leave a comment in this post so I'll know who you are. if you are already my friend on facebook, just leave a comment.

Raffle will be held on July 28.

Give the poor bird a home, you know you want it...

Saturday, June 12, 2010



Tillie told us that her name means a sad clown, we read about it after she left, it's specifically the name of the clown that was painted at the Amusement palace in NJ. A building that was demolished a few years back.

Ned and I talked a lot about aggression in the past couple of days, about control and loosing it and the things we gain from loosing it.

Joined effort

One of my favorite things is getting privet orders from people, not only it's nice to know what I'm making is what they want and that it's going to get bought, but when people are specific, I end up designing things that were not in my natural range of thought.
I really like insects, but spiders? and Tarantulas at that?! I thought no one would even considered something like this as a nice thing to have on their coffee table... However, as it turned out, some people would cause I got an order for a "Tarantulas in black and green" sugar bowl and milk jugs.
This was really fun to make, especially after a week of making all seahorses, birds and octopuses for the craft fair...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

At the bank

Feeling so low today, sticky and sweaty. Feeling like the skin on my face is sagging, like I'm getting fatter by the minute.

Hate masseges on my voicemail. Hate hearing my father's voice so sad, not knowing if something really bad happened or if it's just his usual sadness, or is it just mine.