Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekly Summery

Sales This week
: 11 (!)

Hearts: 358

Treasuries: Curated 2 (the art of war and Original sin)

Main source of inspiration: A fabric shopping spree in PurlSoho and a paper shopping spree in NY central art supply gave me a beautiful new thoughts about colors.

Best thing to eat: Not an amazing food week, but I just had some amazing chocolate.

Shopping: Oh my god! so many cool things were bought this week - about 20$ in Purl for 2 pieces of linen and 4 pieces of cotton, then about 10% in dickblick for 3 sheets of paper, and then about 30$ for 11 sheets of paper, all for the back of tarot cards. Expensive - but so beautiful!

Greatest achievement: 11 Sales! the most I've had it a week so far.

Disappointments: Still not brave enough to list any pine art pieces.

OK, so lets see how I did with this weeks goals...

1.List something each and every day I think that aside of one day, I have indeed list something everyday. On top of that I'm learning to use the Etsy listing exel document so I'll be able to follow my listings better.

2. And make a fox! - Nop! I was too busy making Tarot cards.

3. finish the cups set production and list it, and make at least one tarot deck of the major arcana this week - I made much more then that! one of my nicest buyers wrote about "the cups" deck in a collectors forum which got some cool people seeing them (and buying them!) I made 8 of them this week - and sold 6 of the ones I made.

4. get one treasury, at least, and be in one (hopefully) - I got 2 treasuries, but were not featured in any - sadly.

5. list a fine art item - Nop, I'm still not brave enough for that. I'm going to try that next week.

6. write a store review about someone else's store - Didn't do that either.

7. see the Irving Pen exhibition in the Morgan library and also the Horst exhibition in the Forbes gallery - And no exhibitions!

I guess I didn't do so well on the tasks for this week, however, it doesn't matter so much cause I was really busy making tarot deck and taking care of orders. I'm so happy and excited about people's reaction to the new cards and all the sales. I just hope it keeps going like that.

So, most of the goals move to next week and this is what I plan to do:

1. There were already 14 sales this month, I'm very happy about that. My target was 20 sales this month, so I hope to have to revise that, If I can make those 6 sales this week, I'll be happy.

2. Get my hands on one more treasury at least and if possible, be in one.

3. I got a very nice e-mail from the woman who wrote the Etsy article in Ynet. I want to answer it and write her about my favorite Etsy store.

4. List a fine art piece.

5. Odin the wolf sold, so I want to make another wolf. And possible another fox.

6. Make another cups deck and another major deck.

7. I want to write a blog entry \ article about my experience in Tarot and the history of them in my life. Possibly the first of a series of articles about my personal view of Tarot card. This would be a perpetration to a fuller instruction manual I intend to make about cards.

8. Go see those exhibitions!

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