Monday, June 2, 2008



Last weeks illustration Friday came so easy and this week it was really really hard! to me "baby" is not a fun thing to draw, their faces are all pudgy and lacking of any lines to draw also, they all look the same and at best I'll be able to get a drawing of a cute baby out of it...

I thought about it for a couple of days thinking of tricking my way out of it with a baby animal or with something else that somehow associate with babies, but eventually I dug out a book I have called "Encyclopedia Anatomica" which is a photographed documentation of the Museo La Specola in Florance, which is an old science museum that has a spectacular vintage wax figures of the anatomy of men and women (think an older and cooler version of the Bodies exhibit).

I wanted to see if I can find an image of a fetus to draw, but eventually found a stranger and probably nicer looking thing which was a was figure of a baby with his guts open and showing. It's pretty horrid, but something about the face looking really peaceful and how the object was made so lovingly and with great detail made it look much more nice then creepy. So I made a drawing of that.


steve said...

I give you credit for doing this so tastefully--it turned out very well.

m. heart said...

this is a refreshingly original take on the week's theme.