Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some cards


I've been reading a book by an Israeli therapist called "Tarot in psychotherapy" which I got on my trip to Israel. It had a lot of pages and I was scared it would be too technical for me, but sadly, it was quite the opposite. Maybe I expected a book for tarot reader who want to connect it to therapy and end up getting a book for psychotherapist who are interested in divination - I found the interpretation she offered on the cards to be very simplistic and also, very much imposed on alchemical notions and other myth, in this odd post modernistic approach in which when you simplify things enough everything is connected to everything.

The only really interesting part was the preface which was very well written and really inspiring in the writer quoting from Jung and other psychoanalysts and philosophers in relation to mystics and divination.

I'm disappointed that this book wasn't what I wanted it to be, but since i moved on to reading "whale rider" now, I don't mind so much...

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