Friday, June 13, 2008

Project Renewal - Day 4

Rocky racoon

It was such an amazingly beautiful day in NY today. And I was out through most of it, that's why I haven't listed anything new yet, it's after midnight and I had a couple of glasses of Preseco, and I might or might not get to make anything new tonight. It was a pretty good day though, Ned and I had a meeting at Elite Modeling agency and we'll start using some of their girls for shoots, which is really nice, also, we found a good option for some frame for an upcoming art show, which is also a good thing.

On a sadder note, nothing got sold today... I was really hopeful after the great 3 sales the day before, but nothing happened. I did renew 5 items and got some views, but it's all still there
(how frustrating...)

Item Renewed
12:00 Henzel the Fox - 45$ - views:20
2:00 Summer Crab Tissue Cozy - 20$ - views:9
3:00 The Black Lilly Deck of Tarot - 60$ - views:9
6:00 Lizard in the sun - Glasses Case - 28$ - views:8
7:30 Spider Mum leather bound sketchbook - 25$ views:12

Strange numbers - right?!

Items listed none

Sales none

Hearts 1060 96 more then yesterday, isn't that cool?)

So, result so far:
money spend on listing: 1.40$
Money spend on renewing: 4$
Money earned: 143$

When I posted about the experiment in the etsy forum, a lot of people said that this in inspiring and that they would like to try this at some point as well. I haven't tried it for a while, even though I knew it was a good way to get things to pick up. I'm not sure what held me in reserve, but I was scared to invest a pretty small amount of money in a way that would probably benefit me. I urge everyone to skip their next cup of fluffy starbucks drink and a unhealthy pastry
and spend those 3-7$ on renewing. Really, it works! even if I don't sell anything else through this experiment, I intended to spend 16$ on it and already earned 143$ - it's worth it!

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