Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Project Renewal - Day 2

Stand and deliver journal

Second day to the project renewal started today at about noon, when I renewed the first item, and then about every hour, I renewed another and another. The other 4 items were things I took off the active list for a trunk show and came back. Here are the numbers of today:

Item renewed:

Stand and Deliver business card case - 20$ - views: 15
Summer apple art kit - 35$ - views: 20
Art nouveau journal - 30$ - views: 16
Love in time of Cholera reader kit - 28$ - views: 26
Deer glasses case - 28$ - views: 5

Item listed
Stand and deliver journal - 30$ - views: 3

Not so far...


I have 2 more books that I made earlier today and Ned's taking photos for them now. So it's going to be 8 listings for today which is pretty cool!

So, result so far:
money spend on listing: 0.80$
Money spend on renewing: 2$
Money earned: 40$ in one sale yesterday.

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