Sunday, June 22, 2008

Inspiration cards

inspiration cards

I had a small idea on Monday, I planned to give the whole thing about 2 hours work and see how it goes.

Well, that's how it started and before I knew it I was in illustration craziness, producing about 15 illustrations par day, scanning and working from noon till sunrise.

This is the story that started the whole thing, a memory from a really moving moment a few years ago. I was in a dinner party for a friend who was getting married the week after, it was an all girls evening in some restaurant in Israel. One of the girls brought a deck of tiny cards and each of us took one, each card had a word on it that was supposed to be relevant for that specific moment.

The girl who was getting married picked up a card but only after the whole deck was passed it turned out she had 2 cards in her hand, one was "birth" and the other was "independence" it was just so right, especially a couple of weeks after the wedding when we all found out that she was already pregnant at the time of the party.

So, I decide to make my own deck of small massages from the universe deck of cards, and I call them Inspiration deck - it's a 52 cards deck, each illustrated by me. and they are meant to give people inspiration, direction and interpretation to a moment in life. All it take is just take a card out of the deck and contemplating the massage it brings into your moment.

And this is the result! a 52 cards deck! If I knew how complicated this project would become then I would never have started it, but I'm so glad I did! because I love the result.

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neile said...

beautiful. I'm off to re-visit your shop to see the cards. I just love this idea!