Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Dreams

A couple of nights ago I had 2 dreams.

In the first I was back in Israel, in my old job and apartment, hanging out with my friends, I was single again, and felt a lot like the way I felt when I was single, before I met Ned, in that crazy exciting phase after I came to realizing that I like it on my own. I was talking to my friends about the past 2 years trying to remember what was going on, how I came to be there, I couldn't remeber Ned or being in New York, I kept trying to remember, I knew I wasn't single, and that I didn't have a boyfriend, that something else was going on as far as relationship goes, but I couldn't remeber what it was.

The second dream was a strange erotic dream in which I was having sex with myself, I was on the couch in our studio and making out with myself, there was two of me, one was me like I am now an the other was different, but they were both me. Ned was working on his computer and was half aware of the two of us having sex. At some point he was trying to get involved but we kept pushing him out of the way.

Dream 01

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