Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Experiment Day 8

Mac the Moose

This is the first day of the second phase of the experiment I started a week ago. In the first week I renewed 5 items each day in different hours. In this week I'm going to renew 5 items again, but this time I'm going to renew everything it a batch. Today I did exactly that at 8:00 PM. So far there was no selling tonight, but hopefully, I'll have some surprises in the morning...

Here are today's numbers:

Items renewed (8:00 PM)
Duck Mini Art Kit - 22$ - views 14
White teeth - Reader Kit - 28$ - views 12
Deer Glasses case - 28$ - views 11
Art Nouveau journal - 30$ - views 11
Lucky in Love Business card case - 20$ - views 11

Item listed
5:30 Mac the Moose - 22$ - views 36
6:00 Red fox notebook - 17$ - views 16
7:00 Lone wolf notebook - 27$ - views 9

Item sold - sadly, non...

Hearts 171

The interesting thing is that out of the 5 items renewed, they all got about the same amount of views, somehow I thought that it might be a lot for the top one and non for everything else, it means that most viewers to my store get to it through searches, front page, time machine and so on and not go straight to my shop.

So, numbers so far:
money spend on listing: 2.40$
Money spend on renewing: 8$
Money earned: 204$

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