Friday, June 20, 2008

Experiement day 10

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Yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to renew the 5 items I've been renewing each day at around noon and see if I get more views. In the evening I checked, a book that had 26 views suddenly had 250! I thought I just cracked the secret to the whole renewing thing, but then noticed that an art kit with 67 views, has 51 all of a sudden, and then, scrolling down, it seem that nothing had the amount of views it was supposed to...

A search in Etsy forum showed that there was some big system update and now, the whole thing is supposed to be working better. However, as far as recording views, this was not a good day... So today I repeated the experiment and renewed 5 items at around noon.

So far, in the 3 days of batch renewing I had no sales, I'm disappointed, I wonder if it's because my presence is less noticeable or maybe because renewing every hour or so, made me also comment in the forum, change the featured item in my shop and be more active in Etsy in general. Also, it might be because I haven't listed any new thing in the past couple of days, a small project turned into a huge project somehow, I hope to finish it by the end of the weekend.

So, here is the numbers for today!

Item renewed (Noon)
Birds lover ornaments - 8$ - views 12
Pelvic - Original Painting - 40$ - views 13
Stand and Deliver Journal - 30$ - views 11
Pink Squirrel - Art Kit - 35$ - views 13
Pocket knife Card Case - 20$ - views 12

The interesting fact is this - renewing at 8:00 PM and renewing at noon had just about the same result - even though the listing at noon had 8 more hours to go, I think that it means that overall renewing in the evening is better then during the morning, cause there are more people on Etsy looking for them. As before, renewing 5 items at once didn't cause the items in the back of the list to get less attention then the one in the front.

Item listed - Non, still working on a big project, pretty happy with the way it's going, I illustrated 32 different things in 2 days! that's a lot!

Sales - none...

Hearts - 1081 - 10 hearts in 2 days!

So, numbers so far:
money spend on listing: 2.40$
Money spend on renewing: 10$
Money earned: 204$

I think I might have to publish some teasers for the new project tomorrow, I'm too excited about it not to...

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