Sunday, June 15, 2008

Strange weekend (experiment is on day 6)


Very odd weekend, it was very very hot and very very strange! The first cool thing that happened this weekend was the Reneged craft show. In which me and Ned spend a lot of hours on both Saturday and Sunday, we had an amazing time, a lot of chance meeting with friends from cyberspace, wonderful art and craft and just plain fun.

Toward the end of the first day, it started to rain, we were hungry, so we run into Urban rustic to get some food and shelter. The food was great, but when we got back to the apartment, it turned out we left all the windows open and everything was wet, the computer, projector, phone, everything...

After a while it turned out that the only serious damage was to the modem and that we can't connect to the internet. Almost all my communication with people is done online and though I could renew a few items through the laptop with the cellular modem, I couldn't really scan anything or do much otherwise, we spend most of the evening trying to figure out where we can get a new modem and maybe a new phone for Ned as soon as possible.

Eventually we found that the only time warner cable store that was open was in a huge mall in queens and in the morning we took the bike there and got a new modem, it was crowded and strange to see all those people and chain stores I usually don't see in NY.

Back in Brooklyn, we spend the rest of the day in the craft fair again, meeting an awesome person I've known online for about 2 years and never met in person and enjoying ourselves. And later on, going out to dinner with Ned's parents for Father's day.

Renegade02 copy

So back to the experiments, for both yesterday and today:

Item Renewed
12:00 Fly away Business card case - 20$ - views 17
3:40 Cup of tea Tissue Cozy - 20$ - views 8
8:10 O solitude - Original painting - 45$ (was bought before I could check the views!)
11:40 Soft Core Pornography ACEO - 10$ - views 22
12:40 Black Lilly - Minor Arcana Tarot deck - The Swords - 40$ - views 15
6:30 Jimmy The Wolf cub - 28$ - views 15
10:00 Greek Portrait - Original Painting - 40$ - views 8
12:00 Samuel The Slow Green Turtle - 22$ - views 11
1:00 Sewing Machine card holder - 20$ - views 5

Item listed
Punchline - Original Art - 35$ - views 26

2 (maybe) I mean, there are 2 new items sold in the list, that were not paid for yet, I got an e-mail explaining they want something else, i think it might get solved and I'll get the money...
Those are the items that were sold:

Maps and Ledgends - Reader Kit - 28$
O solitude - Original painting - 45$

A couple of conclusions - listing or renewing in the evening (about 7:00 till 10:00) get views up faster then in the morning - though somehow the things that got renewed in the morning sold better. Also, the weekend does seem slower then the weekdays.

Hearts 1060 (the same as it was on Thursday)

So, result so far:
money spend on listing: 1.60$
Money spend on renewing: 5.80$
Money earned: 206$


Anonymous said...

Keep it up! It's fun to watch your progress with the experiment.

BrooklynThings said...

I admire your discipline. Incredible info and very inspirational! Thank you!

cloudhopping said...

Great idea to chart your experiment, and well done with the sales!

Becca said...

interesting stats!

Aya Rosen said...

Thanks everyone! the support really helps keeping it up!

kathleen said...

thanks for the tip

Galeana said...

Pretty clever way to track your listings. It's so helpful.