Friday, December 18, 2009

Practically painless


Even though it was very cold outside and even though I was feeling under the weather all morning (enough to sleep in till 3:00 PM instead of going out drawing when Ned was at the gym), we did decide to go out today in our new "going to everything we get invited for" policy.

And I'm really glad we did.

There were 2 exhibition openings I knew about and a Jazz concert, and deciding on this one was mostly because it's the only thing that didn't requier any traveling aside of a brisk walk to Roebling and South 2nd street.

Like the Spice is one of those galleries I always forget about, the building it's in is so unremarkable and the specific street corner is just a little off my way I sometimes forget about it all together, however, I have yet to see an exhibit there I didn't like.
Marissa is a really impressive curator and I love her taste in art and the way the space always look with art in it.

This specific show was by 2 artists, who's work I really liked, and I loved how 2 different styles worked so well together and the similarities and differences between the pieces were just right.

Ned and I started talking to Marrissa, who we know from around the neighborhood and we both had a nice time, and I didn't feel at all like a stranger or an outsider. We looked at the art, talked to another nice girl who works in the gallery, I just can't remember her name now, looked at the art some more, had a glass of wine and left.

Somehow being there and not feeling like a total alien made me feel really acomplished and good about myself.

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