Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An outing


Last night, we didn't get ourselves to any event or anything. We both didn't dress warm enough to go to the city and after a couple of hours of arrends, we were tired, freezing and just about ready ot quite for the day.

Tonight though - no excuses and so we had to go out.

I had some invite to a comedy show \ music show in DUMBO, but didn't feel like it and really didn't feel like having to commute anywhere to get to a show I didn't feel like seeing. So, I decided ot check out what's going on in our neighborhood, and eventually decided on a live show in Zebulon - a pretty cool bar I haven't been to in about 2 years.

Ned and I walked there at 9:00, the show was supposed ot start at 8:00, so I thought we'll probably miss the first song or two and get there when it start getting better. When we got in it was just us and another table, plus a bunch of people sitting at the bar.
The show didn't start yet, so we set and watched the end of "the mystery of Picasso" with the sound of, while Jazz music was playing. Both Ned and I felt so socially awkward, we didn't even mange to talk to one another. We just set there, feeling inadequate, like kids in an adult party. We were both thinking of all the stuff we could be doing now, work, taking photos, writing e-mails, and so on. Not so much cause we wanted to do all those things, but because we didn't want to be at Zebulon.

Some drunk Japanese guy on the bar, dressed in a red leather pants and a red leather hat started shouting at some other guy who went backstage. The show didn't start, the movie ended and "downtown 81" started. It was very strange to see footage from New York in the early 80's - all falling apart, dirty and gritty. We tried guessing what scene was shot where.

The bar started filling up, but our 30 minutes were off and we left.

It wasn't a success as far as networking or interacting went - we didn't talk to anyone. It wasn't even a good practice in feeling uncomfortable out of my safe zone - just a half hour spend wanting to be somewhere else.
But I'm glad we went out and we didn't fail our plan of getting out more.

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