Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dream Huntress

Trying to catch up with everything I didn't take care of while in Israel and then, while getting ready for Ned's mom trunk show.

The first thing on my list was postcards from the edge, an AIDS benefit art show, exhibiting about a million artists, each with a postcard size piece. It's my 4th year of taking part in their show and I really didn't want to miss that.

I made 4 postcards and let Ned pick his favorite to go to the show (that's what i did last year as well, which prove to be a good system, since the postcard sold). The other 3 went to the Etsy store.

Then I started working on the next deadline which is a Vespine gallery annual event in which artists who already exhibited in the gallery show more of their work. I wanted to keep working on the same theme of the postcards, and though, by now it looks quite different, I think what I was interested in, which is a very crowded image that looks spars, not because the page is empty but became the whole image in monochromatic, still works on a larger scale.

This drawing took about 2 days longer then I expected it to. Somehow, it just wouldn't finish.

But now it is and I need to get going about wrapping it and getting it into the gallery on time.


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