Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fail (already?!)

Well, in the morning my idea of randomly going to every single event I get an invite for seem no short then brillient, not only it'll get me and Ned out of the studio and interacting, the whole tedious proccess of deciding where to go was gone.

Then, of course, it didn't.

We spend the morning in the city, Ned had a catch up session with his therapist while I was shopping for some shoot accessories. Then headed to the upper east side to pick up my trunk show left overs and lunch. We came home to drop the bags, knowing we had to leave in 2 hours for Ned's group.

There were 2 parties invites in the mailbox, one in SoHo for some magazine, the other in Brooklyn for NAG. Both started at 9:00. That meant that if we decide to go to the one in SoHo, it'll be 3 trips to the city in one day.

So eventually on the way to the city the 2nd time, I decided that we'll go to neither and start this new thing tomorrow.

Damn, even feeling like a looser doesn't equale the relife I feel for being allowed to spend the evening at home.

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lostfoundagain said...

Like you said, the point of the idea was to get you out of the apartment and interacting with people more. But if you've already spent the day mostly out of the apartment and running around all over the place, then it doesnt make sense to tire yourself out more. It's not a failure! It's just what makes sense! I hope you're having a nice relaxing night at home :)