Friday, December 18, 2009



I had big plans for a Hanukkah dinner this year, having both Ned's parents and some friends over for potato pancakes of different types, the whole thing was planned in my head, all I had to do is send some e-mails, make some calls, cook the food and have a fun night.

Somehow, it never happened - Ned's mom got sick, then I got a little under the weather, we were busy with out going out more policy, it was cold - I don't know, a million reasons and it never happened.

Somehow though, the plans got lodged in my brain and at about 10:00 PM tonight I had the strongest craving for those potato pancakes I was planning to make. I really couldn't imagine eating anything but, and so, Ned had ot risk his life in climbing into deep storage and finding those food processor attachment we've never used before, and within half an hour we were eating yummy, fattning and totally unhealthy potato pancakes!

And they were sooo good.

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