Monday, December 21, 2009

Craft Night


Today, Ned and I went to craft night at Etsy lab in Dumbo. Their craft night is something I have been intending to go to just about every single week, and somehow, never got around to, yes, some of it is cause I'm busy, but I think, mostly, it was the idea of meeting a bunch of people who I know from online but never met in reality. Also, just the motion of being with so many people at once is sort of startling.

As it turned out, it was awesome, and there was nothing to fear. I met old friends, new friends, got invited to a Christmas day party, learned some new stuff, interacted with people and made myself a cool scarf out of old Tshirt's sleeves (though Ned helped and actually did most of hte work).

I'm so glad we went today, I woke pu in such a shitty mood and was feeling fat, ugly and useless all day, it was really nice ot be in a place where I could run away from myself for a couple of hours and be around nice people and do fun things.
Ned as Santa Claus

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