Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nice day out


I just joined foursquare yesterday. It's a site that document places you go to, and show you who else is there, and in a strange way, give you points and badges for being in places (as if just going to restaurants and cafes and bars weren't a reward enough). It's sort of scares me to admit how much time I spend in coffee shops, how much I eat out (it's such a waste of money, I know...) and, worst of all, the fact that I hang out in the same places over and over again, being totally unadventurous and sticking to the familiar.

Today however, I got to visit an area of Brooklyn I've never been to before - court street, which is really nice, actually a bit too nice for my taste, it's all small cafes, gourmet food stores, small charming vintage stores and so on. Sort of like Williamsburg but without any grit, industrial feel or artistic vibe.

Ned and I went there for a reading by Kio, a teacher, writer and over all cool person. We've met her when we were talking in front of a class she was teaching a couple of months ago. She was reading the first chapter from a novel she's working on.

I love readings and being red to, and it was one of the first events and activities Ned and I attended in the past month in which I felt totally at ease and just enjoined myself. We end up buying 3 books - a bird guide to use as reference, an anthology of Brooklyn writer and a book about the history of motorcycle design.

Then went to eat at some non exciting but rather yummy Mexican place across the street.

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