Friday, January 8, 2010

Blade Runner

We got to a special screening of blade runner and party at PS122 about an hour too late, the theater was packed and they didn't let us in. So we went home.

We've gone out every day this week. A concert, a bar, figure drawing and then, that movie we couldn't go into. We didn't talk to anyone, but we did stay for more then 30 minutes. Well, aside of the movie.

One of the things I was hoping for was that going out will take a bite of that dead time, the hours I spend miandering aorund the internet doing nothing really, or playing farmfille. Sadly it seem to be taking a bite from working hours instead.

We have 3 things to go to tonight, and I think we are going to try do all of them. Postcard from the edge opening, a friend's birthday and some art event party. I'm really nervous about this mass of events, and about how busy this weekend is going to be.

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