Thursday, December 24, 2009

Marry Christmas!


Christmas is always very strange for me, on one end, I don't celebrate it in any way, in another end, there's this excitement in the air I can't quite ignore. There's really no meaning for me for this special day, not even a day off work (since I don't work) - but still, there's this special feeling that makes it impossible for me to work and do my thing as if this was an ordinary day.

It's really cool, then, that tomorrow, I'm invited to a Christmas day party, and so I got to spend at least part of this evening of not feeling like working in baking cookies for tomorrow.

I used this awesome recipe, which is super easy to make the most tasty cookies. They don't contain anything healthy, just sugar and butter and good stuff like that. I haven't baked anything for maybe 5 years so it was cool to see I can still do it.

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