Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Dream

Last night I dreamed.

We were at an event, maybe a concert or an art show or backstage fashion week or something.

We both had cameras and were shooting faster and faster.

Then you came over, tilting my camera and unscrewing my lens, you connected it to your camera and went on shooting. I yelled after you "I need that, I'm shooting to" but you already disappeared in the crowed and you didn't hear me.

Last night, we were laying in bed, in the darkness. I was doing the math in my head, when did we have sex last, who innitiated, what are my chances of tempting you with my body, what are my chances of getting rejected. I kiss you and slide my tongue in your mouth.

You hug me and tell me you are afraid. We talk, about comfort zones, about the past, about family and art, we laugh and breath together. We worry about money, we worry about getting old.

Eventually, you start breathing slowly and fall asleep.

I stay awake, and worry some more, thinking about putting this art thing on a lower flame and start looking for a job. I listen to your slow breath when I jurk off.

1 comment:

I Shot Baltimore said...

Long time, no see. Literally and figuratively.
Great to see you back to yourself. :)