Saturday, February 27, 2010

About Passion


I don't think I'm a not happy person, I actually experience so much happiness, and joy, I'm pretty sure that when I age more the lines on my face would me smile and laughter lines, and not grumpy sad lines. I was thinking about passion and happiness and I don't think that they are opposites of one another. I was trying to think of what is the opposite of passion and though my first word was "depression" that wasn't so right either, cause I do know people who are very happy in their lies and lack any kind of passion.

I think the opposite of passion in contentment.

And though I am a happy person, at least some of the time, I'm not really content, almost never at least. maybe when I'm asleep, though not when I dream. I don't think my discontentment comes from not liking where I am or not being happy with my life, but from always wanting more and always feeling like I'm not doing enough, not being enough.


lostfoundagain said...

I dont think contentment is the opposite of passion. I think it's apathy. But I guess it also depends on how you define passion. Based on that, some people would say reason/logic is the opposite of passion.

Jim Doran said...

Here's a funny thing - I just stumbled on this blog via a comment on another blog. I've been following your photostream for a while on Flickr - I didn't know about this blog, though. Often, I look at the photos and think, what's the story here?

I think boredom and dullness is polar to passion. People who are content are not always driven, but I think can still be passionate, perhaps? I am passionate about comics, yet content with NOT owning many.

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