Friday, August 28, 2009

the night before


Tomorrow, one of my favorite NY events is taking place, the Rumblers car show. It's a very cool hot rods and vintage cars show under the BQE, which means that for a whole day, the large parking lot right outside our building turns into a surreal extravaganza of rockabilly music, women in elaborate 50's pin up outfits, a lot of really cool cars and the best of all, a group of people that are full of love and pride in what they do. They work on their cars for ages and then come over from all over the USA to show them to us.

It's going to be the 3rd year I'm going to the show, in the first year, my sister and her boyfriend were here, we heard about the show from Chops - a guy that used to own a tattoo store on North 6th that closed by now. It was a huge surprise and we spend the whole day there, taking photos, wondering around, talking to people and experience this very cool very American event with loved people from out of town.

The second year, me and Ned were getting very much into cars in general, we went to a few drag races that year and this was just the iceing on the cake on a cool exciting summer fool of car related adventures. I just got a new camera and this event was one of the first times I used it. It was super hot outside, but we had such an amazing time.

This year, I just can't seem to get as excited as I want about this. We didn't do a lot of traveling this summer, and so this "life on the road" imagery doesn't really feel like a part of my life. I'm feeling like crap, my ears hurts, my throat hurts, and I have a huge pimple on my cheek, I look and feel like crap, and though a lot of good things happened, I can just focus on the rather nasty e-mail I got from the gallery guy I send the drawing to (in a word, he didn't like them, and send me a pretty elaborate explanation of why, including the grammar of one of the sentences I wrote).

I really want to be excited, and I know that if I won't, I'll feel like I missed something really great and have to wait for it for another year. But right now, I don't even feel like going tomorrow.


lostfoundagain said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling like crap. Sometimes it helps to go out a little, especially when you most don't want to.

So the gallery that was interested in your insect drawings now decided that theyre not interested anymore? That doesnt sound very consistent to me. The fact that they even made an issue of grammar/spelling makes me think that they are the kind of gallery that's into mainstream, boring, pretentious art. It kind of pisses me off too. One of my favorite things about your art where you incorporate words/phrases/writing is the imperfections of grammar and spelling, the way it is so real, so you. I love when you can really feel the artist in the art and for me, those imperfections are a big part of that.

Unknown said...

I got another e-mail from the guy in the gallery, I think that basically, they had a slow summer and don't want to invest money in buying new stuff, I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but to me it looks like the guy was just trying to find any reason to not buy the drawing,s it sucks, but I think that it's for the best.

I know I'll make more money selling those on Etsy, but somehow the temptation of making a big sell for a gallery made me cave in and give up on a lot more then I should have to begin with.

MerCurios said...

Did you make it to the event? ..this was the 1st year for my husband, son and I. We, and by that I mean *he* drove our 1954 Chevy pick-up rat rod all the way from the East End.

I'll be posting all my pictures soon.


Unknown said...

No, I didn't make it, I woke up with a very swollen eye and spend the day in the ER and pharmacy instead.

I hope you had an amazing time, it's such a cool event!