Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot day


Such a hot day, and I'm very tired cause I only slept around 5 hours or so. Ned and I had a long and very productive day in the city, running some errands then meeting his mom for lunch.
She was telling us about the Richard Avedon exhibition in ICP and how much she liked it so we decided to go check it out. It was really incredible, both for the artwork and for the curation. We decided to walk back from 43th street to 14.

On the way to the train Ned decided he wants to cut into Fotocare and take a look at some lights ideas the exhibition made him think about, we went there and then, as we were getting closer to the train and talking more about the light, we decided to go into B&H and see if they have what we wanted.

So, we turned again, and walked to 33th and 9th, and spend half an hour trying to explain to the people that work there about the actual products they are selling.

Somehow I managed to stab my toe and it was really painful. We got on the train, stopped for pizza and got home.

I'm super hot and it's really hard to focus on anything, I managed to shoot some new dishes I made yesterday and color correct everything - though feeling so tired and hot, it took ages!

As I was listing the new plates, a friend from Israel saw them online and bought one right away! it totally made this busy \ lazy day end on a really sweet note!

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lostfoundagain said...

wow, you did a lot yesterday!! And that's a really cool ending to the day as well!

I'm so sick of the heat. It's really making me feel ill. I'm honestly ready for winter now. (Remind me I said that when I'm complaining that it's cold.)

I also stubbed my toe really really hard yesterday on an uneven sidewalk. It sent shockwaves of pain up my leg and my toe as well as my knee and my lower back hurt for the rest of the night. Not to mention my neck. Today my toe still hurts. And my neck :( I hope your toe is feeling better now.