Sunday, August 30, 2009



Oh the Irony...

I made those drawings on Friday afternoon, for Illustration Friday, the word of the week was "Magnify". I was thinking of how when I'm anxious every little fault in my face and character feels like it's a huge deal and I can't see any beauty or goodness in myself past the faults.
That day I was feeling very much like that, like every little blemish and wrinkle in my face makes me look like a monster.

The day afterward, I woke up in the morning with half my face swollen in a really strange way. My eye have some infection or something and my cheek have some scratch that got infected, I can feel my skin stretched over the puffiness, and my face feel numb and look really weird.
We went to the hospital, got some ointments that so far, don't seem to be working and actually I do feel like a monster!

I try to remind myself that I don't, that it's going to go away soon and that in a few days I won't even remember how it feels. But right now I can't stop keep imagining life as the elephant woman, or how I'm going to loose all sensational of half of my face or die.


adrienne trafford said...

your work is wonderful - very delicate and yet edgy - love it

claudine hellmuth said...

love the drawing over the book text!

Danette said...

wow great drawings!! love the line work and the colour washes....hope your feeling better by now:)