Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unexpected stroll


So after 4 days of wondering around vacation style, the week started and it was time for the less fun stuff, I have some errands here with banks. social security, I want to see my dentist, maybe get my teeth cleaned, talk to my insurance guy about my pension plan, maybe get a new pair of glasses. I hate this type of calls, and I hate running errands, especially since I feel very much out of the loop and irresponsible about how I have handled things on the Israeli aspect of my life in the past few years.

But first thing first we went to find Ned a gym for the next week, and to try and find a patch for his pants. He got to CK jeans about a month and a half ago and decided to wear them to the trip. The are totally falling apart now with a big hole in the knee and 2 holes in the back pocket.

We had an early breakfast, found a gym, and then tried for the patches which led to a long long walk to Nachalat binyamin, Bialik st., the market and basically, all my favorite places.

The rest of the errands were only a very partial success, made a dentist appointment, but no opening at the hygienist, manage to figure out how much I owe social security, but couldn't pay it cause I'm still waiting for my non-expired visa card, couldn't get hold of the bank, couldn't get hold of the insurance guy. Couldn't get hold of a curator Ned and I were planning to meet.


I'm feeling so confused now.

On one end I'm having a wonderful time and I feel right at home here and want to stay forever. On the other hand I miss NY terribly and wantto be home already. I feel like this trip barely begun, and yet as if I have no time for anything I need and want to do, and like it's almost over already. At the same time, I feel like it's too long somehow.

A lot of this had to do with being frustrated with my family issue and not being able to ignore it as I can in NY. I don't know what I expected, but I know I'm already disappointed.



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lostfoundagain said...

Sounds like a mixed bag of good and not-so-good. And that's life.

You do have a lot of not fun stuff to take care of and that seems overwhelming even to me. But just keep in mind- what's the worse case scenario? What if you don't get a certain thing done? Is it really going to be such a big deal? Or is it more worth it for you not to stress it and just enjoy your time there? It might be a different answer for different things.

I do hope you get to meet with the curator though. And I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Ned's jeans are falling apart after only 1.5 months! Send them back and complain!!

I kind of understand that feeling of too short/too long at the same time. I feel that way sometimes when I visit my sister in Denver.

I'm interested in hearing how your trip went vis-a-vis the family. Despite the fact that it's dissapointing so far, I believe that it will be somehow a learning experience for you and bring new realizations. That's my wish for you anyway.

Oh, and regarding the annoying thing that happened last night at the bar- I was talking to a nice guy and we were discussing our blogs and he asked me the address of my blog which I was happy to give him because he was a cool guy. Then this totally uncool and annoying dude who was sitting on the other side of me butted into our conversation and asked if he could have my blog address too and there was no tactful way for me to say no so I gave it to him. And then he proceeded to bug me and be really annoying and give me his number etc etc for the next 1/2 hour. And I cant write about him in my blog because he's probably going to look at it. Ugh!