Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New books


Someone in moleskin should totally start paying Andrea who organizes moleskin exchange a cut...

I just finished my old moleskin (8x5 watercolor) last week, but I found myself getting a lot more excited about the drawings I did in the group books, so I decided to see if size does matter and give a different size a chance, so - one 8x5, probably I'll take that one on my trip to Israel. An A4 for me and an A4 for Ned, he might or might not use it, so maybe I have two of those for me. And the very frightening looking A3, I hope I'll be brave enough to even open that one, by far way bigger then my comfort zone book, but I think it'll be a cool thing to try.

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mollypeck said...

I LOVE the giant A3! A friend gave me one as a gift, and it made me so happy to see it just sitting on my desk at work that I had to go back and buy myself the A3 with accordion pockets (I'm using it to organize papers at work), so that I can see the hilarious shape at home and at work!

I admit, I'm still a little intimidated to actually draw in the A3!