Saturday, November 28, 2009

old home

old home
This is the door to the house I grew up in till I was 7. my parents moved to a place in the same block after that.

I have very little memories from this place, but I do remember it. At the time, there was no metal 24 on the door, but a painting of a cat (I think) my dad made. The door was the same color white, but it better shape.

I remember the huge room and me and my sister share, I remember a tiny living room which, at night, turned into my parent's bedroom, and the paved yard with plants in it, and a plastic table. I remember the long dark kitchen with the narrow table and narrow bench my parent's had made especially to fit into the room. I remember small moments there, but nothing sharp, some of the things I know I only think I remember because I was told about them later or saw a photograph of.

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