Monday, November 16, 2009

Almost there

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So today I bought some gifts for some people, I got fuel stabilizer for the motorcycle, which we'll bring up tomorrow, and a headphone split so that we can listen to an audio book together on the plane. I got some melatonin that's suppose to help with Jet lag, a presentation box for some of the art we are taking with us. I mostly cleared the mess in the apartment, mostly. I wrapped all the gifts, made a pile of the cloths I want to take, charged my camera batteries.

I thought I lost of of the document that I need to be able to get back into the USA, and went crazy for half an hour until it turned up. got our passports out of the safe, and my green card and my Israeli ID and medical insurance card.

I keep making lists of stuff we still need to take care of tomorrow - empty the fridge, pack some things, take the computer and the cameras and the phones and all their chargers, Ned needs new pills which we can't get in Israel, Talk to the super about getting the bike up.

Ned took care of making a million prints today, after a few days of trying to get our printer working again, we finally gave up and he went to print them in the shop. He e-mailed a book publisher, and a model agency owner, and now, retouching the last of the photos from our last shoot, to be send out tonight, before we go.

We had a small fight today, on the way to the supermarket. He was talking about jeans, and he felt like everything I said was putting him down, like I wasn't being supportive, or considerate. I didn't feel like I was doing that, I don't know maybe I did, maybe we are just tense before the trip. We talked about it in the apartment, a few minutes after getting back, and couldn't really reach an agreement.

I'm scared that this is how this whole trip is going to be like. He talks about being there for me and being supportive, but I keep feeling stressed about us being there together, the change in our living arrangement and me being more social and having a lot more obligation, is going to make him really unhappy. I really hope that I'm wrong and that's not how it's going to go.

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Blanche and Guy Melamed said...

Well I hope it turns out that instead of Ned being really unhappy as you guess he might be, that he'll find lots of other things to entertain himself with and let you do what you need to do. It's a vacation after all, no? Try to enjoy!

I guess I'm kind of in Ned's situation here except we're not on vacation. You've lived in Ned's universe for awhile now and have made it your own and made it yours together... I'm sure he'll be understanding and see that you need to do certain things. You never know, it might turn out completely different from what you think! I hope it does!