Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another phone entry


So Ned went to the gym today, and I went to draw at blackbird. We were supposed to go into the city and to long island city and run some errands, but we were both such a nervous wreck in the morning, I decided that we'll take care of ourselves today and take care of life tomorrow.

I took the phone with me, first time I'm adding this connection to the world to my "me" time.

The result - took care of 2 work e-mail on spot, which was great, but finished only 1 drawing. And not feeling the disconnection and calmness I usually feel while drawing. Though this is more because of the stress I feel in life now rather then the phone, I think.

I hate getting used to new things. And changing the definition of myself.
Also, I don't like the no spelling check on this, I feel sort of vulnerable to being thought of as stupid.

Update: Back at home, at my own beautiful computer, suddenly a full size keyboard feels like a luxurious king size bed after months of sea voyage in one of those bench folding beds. I got back into this post to add the photo that I took while writing this entry (is there a way to do this on the phone and I just couldn't find it yet?! I'm not sure) and, to spell check.

It's strange, I used to not care about spelling as much (or at all really) but now I do. For some reason it makes me feel bad that I do, as if I complied with some odd social acceptancey or strange manners I could formerly ignore.


lostfoundagain said...

Hey! I'm glad you were kind to yourselves today.

Personally, I like your writing- spelling mistakes and all. It's so you. It's so real. But I also understand the self-consciousness and I know that I often feel stupid when I re-read one of my own posts and see that I made spelling or grammar mistakes.

I hope that you both feel better emotionally tomorrow and are able to get your errands done. Hugs!

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