Thursday, July 2, 2009

The pits of despair

So today I did 2 large drawings (if you can call a 5.5X9 drawing large) 1 and a half small drawings (I think those are 5X5).

Brought some cloths for our next shoot and some vintage cups at the salvation army store.

Made a tea pot and the 2 cups and saucers sets, shot them and listed them on etsy.

Made a big sale on Etsy - a tea pot, 4 cups and a milk jug and sugar bowl, all together over 200$.

Finally completed the commercial page on the nedandaya site.

It might be that I'm on my period, and this is just hormones speaking, it might be that writing down our commercial accomplishments and seeing how short this list is, it might be because of Ned being sick and the whole thing with my sister last weekend, but I feel like such a useless lump. Like non of what I do matters and like I'm just playing at this art fantasy stuff instead of finally giving up and finding a real job.
It might be that we didn't have sex for over two weeks and I feel so damn alone.

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