Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Strangely enough since we had a bad shoot experience about a week and a half ago and decided to take a break for a couple of weeks and focus on other things, we've had 3 shoots that sort of arranged themselves without much effort in our side.

2 shoots were with friend and were nudes and today, we shot a new face agency model.

It's pretty amazing how different the two experiences are, with nudes and friends, time just zooms by, we talk constantly and laugh constantly and just stop to hang around and eat candy or go out.
It feels like 3 people in a room working toward an end together, and sometimes, the photos are not even it. sometimes what we learn about ourselves and the experience we have is the goal of it all.

With fashion, especially with this specific shoot, was very different, the model is very young and her mom staid for the whole shoot, most of the effort goes into coaxing the model out of herself, and it's all a little strange and require a lot of patient until the photos become exciting.
Also, we need to keep stopping ourselves before they get too exciting...

Both experiences are very satisfying and very fun but really as different as can be.


lostfoundagain said...

I had such a good time with you guys! It makes me laugh when I look at some of those photos :)

I really like the shoot you did with Persiana too. Shooting with you two is always a really special experience for me. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

MichaelK Photo said...

Hey, I recognize that beautiful model. Glad to see she looks like she's having fun.