Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The End of the Rope


I'm so so tired.

Between my sister ending up in the hospital again after some big ass drama, sort of forcing my parents to get back from a vacation in Italy and disappearing for a while. Ned being sick and weak for a week, scaring me and himself with dizzy spells and low energy. A big project that was really rushed and required me to learn PowerPoint as I was struggling to complete it in time.

I feel like I barely have time to digest one thing and something else, stressful, powerful and overwhelming is sweeping me off my feet and into a new emotional turmoil.

Today, I finished working on the big project, then run to the city to buy cloths for a shoot tomorrow. We discovered in the morning that we actually don't have a hair stylist, Ned staid at home trying his luck on Model Mayhem and craigslist hoping to get someone last minute so we don't have to cancel.

Eventually he did find a hair stylist, I got the cloths, all I wanted to do is go to bed and sleep, but a friend was playing a concert 2 hours later and I wanted to go, so I didn't.

Half an hour later, I got an e-mail from my lawyer reminding me that in a month time I need to submit shit load of paperwork for my green card application. It's am lot of work and I hate the idea of having to spend any time trying to prove to anybody that me and Ned are really married and live together - we spend almost 24 hours a day together, it feel stupid to have to explain that.

Just more stuff to do! damn! I just want a day off!

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Sharona R. said...

Oh, I know the feeling. Stay well and take good care of yourself and Ned. Hugs!