Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photography II


We were shooting yesterday with a girl from an new agency, her mom was on set and a lot of effort were made into making both of them feel welcome and comfortable. A part of it was my call to not take any photos and trying to just get good results for the agency.

I took about 6 pictures all day, all of them are of this outfit in about 10 seconds before I gave up. I'm really happy with the way Ned's photos came out but feel sort of sad I don't have anything to show for it really.

I know that the photos Ned shoot are actually a joined effort, we are both on the copyrights for them and he really insist on reminding me how they wouldn't come out the way they did without me.

I know that I did a lot in those pictures, from styling to editing to sitting at the monitor making sure that the focus is right and that everything looks good. However, somehow it doesn't feel enough.

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