Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What i did today


Because i feel so bad about not getting to a million things I wanted to do, I'm going to write down everything I did do. Maybe seeing it in writing would make me feel like less of a slacker...

1) Went to the restaurant supply stores and got a new batch of cups, saucers, espresso cups, tapas plates and a couple of other things I can't remember. Then, realizing I'm really far of from where I need to meet Ned, I lugged it all from Houston street to Union square - it was so heavy! my arms are still sore.

2) Went to the art store to get Ned some scratchboard and left with scratchboard and also a huge role of beautiful watercolor paper.

3) wrapped all the gifts I got for both my sister (it sounds like a small thing, but I didn't send a package in a while and there were at least 20 things in there to wrap), then wrote each of them a letter.

4) Wrote a letter to a Friend who lives in England.

5) finished retouching the photos of Sierra from last Friday's shoot, then resized and posted them on Flickr.

6) Submitted my art work to 3 awesome stores, one in LA, one in Brooklyn and one in San Fransisco.

7) Helped Ned book our tickets to LA in April, for the opening of the grafuck book exhibition, Ned's got a piece in the book and show!

8) Promoted Ned's new erotic story in twitter and facebook.

And just to make myself feel worse, this is what I didn't do:

1) Folded the laundry.

2) packed the sake set that sold yesterday.

3) joined photodrifting - a NY photography site that accepted me.

4) made a dragonfly tea cup and another Gone with the wind tea set for people waiting for them.

5) Started working on the new site.

6) Started designing my new site.

7) did any drawing.

8) Made stuff and put them on Etsy.

9) answered a bunch of e-mails.

Damn! Not enough hours in the day...

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