Monday, February 2, 2009

Data (cause information is fun!)


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a long entry about information I gathered from Google Analytics about my store. I've had information coming in for a little over 2 weeks now and though it might be interesting to cross views and sales and treasuries.

First of all, I had a most amazing Etsy month, I was featured in a bunch of treasuries that made front page! Which was really great. I used the etsy front pager group on Flickr to find when I was on the front page and crossed it with the views. I was featured on the front page 8 times since January 14! how cool is that!
The thing I've noticed about Front page is that it can generate a lot of views or very little, I got any number between 1,135 views on a treasury day and 208. I think it depend on ow long the treasury was up more then about the hour it was put up in (though I can't be sure).

Also, though I'm sure views and sales are connected in general, being on the front page or having a big views day, didn't immediately implied sales, and my best sale days which which was January 25 and January 30 (with 4 and 6 sales) were not really great views days at all. (about 150 and 300 views).

As for view sources, which I always find interesting:

I had over 50% direct traffic hits, I'm not quite sure how Google Analytics calculate this and whether Etsy front page are calculated in this or not, I can't really see how else so many people will know to find my shop.

I'm really surprised at how many people got to my store through a google search. I'm also aware of the fact that google analytic have a strong motive to make it seem like a larger source of hits then it might be, a lot of the search words don't seem relevant to the items in my store at all, and i'm pretty baffled at how a search for "can you fuse pmc to other metal" or " graphic of pussywillow" or "you and your little brother indianapolis" led to my page. Still the strongest and most popular search words were "Etsy" and" I have no idea how far you need ot go on google to get to my shop, but it's cool that a search for Etsy leads ot my store.

It's really cool to find out a bunch of blogs or site that people got to my store though, though pretty frustrating cause when I check the sites I often can't find what it is that people press to get to my site.

It's also interesting to know that a lot of time a coment I left in someone's blog yilded a lot more traffic to the store then an etry I wrote in my blog, that a lot of time being a part and reacting ot someone else's content is more productive then producing content as far as views goes. (it goes really well with the whoel notion of being a good listener being more important in communication and marketing then being a good speaker).

Unlike my other sites on GA, which get very accurate data, I somehow feel that the Etsy store being a part of the much larger Etsy site makes he data I recive from GA really confusing and inaccurate. It's more of a feeling then anything else, but still, it's pretty frustrating.

One very interesting piece of information - I had only 36% new visitor, which means that 64% of the people visited my store more then once, which I find really really cool and very encouraging.
Also, the avrage time on site is 2.40 minutes, which is a lot! really, compare to mosto f my other sites it's really impressive.

I am really happy to be able to have this info, however, I wish it was working better!

Over all, I had an amazing Etsy month, I sold 30 items and made almost 1,000$. I also passed the 300 sales milestone and started this months with 303 sales! also, I crossed the 2000 heart mark and have 2230 hearts now! Horay!

I'd be really happy if I make it to 340 sales by the end of February.


AMIdesigns said...

Wow, interesting read. Congrats on all those FP's btw

Sharona R. said...

Very interesting read. I wonder though, do you really think the number of views per FP does not depend on the hour it is displayed? I was certain that is the main issue here.

Do you know how to set the GA goals? I keep messing around with the wrong funnels, and would really love to learn how to do this correctly.