Monday, February 9, 2009

Passing Time

passing time

This winter we've been spending so much time at home and having a pretty regular day routine, most if it would be within 2 or 4 blocks from the apartment and includes me and Ned spending a lot of time together and making a lot of art and stuff.

Yesterday we had a big meeting that require spending most of the day out, then today, we had to drop of a CD at a modeling agency, Ned went to therapy, and I went to buy my sister a birthday present, then we surprisingly met a friend and went out for lunch.
After that we rushed to the upper east side to pick up Ned's parent's car which we said we'll take to have the oil changed.

We dropped it of in some garage in Brooklyn that works till midnight and found ourselves having some really bad coffee and some really tasty doughnut at dunkin' doughnut, which is my favorite junk food. It felt like that was the first moment that day I got to sit down.

We set there for an hour, listening so some old guy bitching about Madonna, her husband, tattoo artists, celebrities, famous people who don't act nice, sports and how he can't smokes cigars in public anymore and just waiting.

I don't get to just pass time like that a lot. I don't like waiting, but after all this long day, it was actually nice to do nothing.


Rui Sousa said...

Great work, really nice interpretation about the theme.

Anonymous said...

Very nice illustration and take on this weeks theme. By far, one of my favorites. Nice work.

INDIGENE said...

Wonderful idea and great post!