Sunday, February 15, 2009



A couple of days ago, Ned and I shot a model, she was telling us about making a beautiful Valentine's for her boyfriend, it was made in the shape of hands and when you open the card, there's a pop up human heart. Then she dumped him 3 days before Valentine's, it just wasn't working for her.

I don't like Valentine's, it seem a stupid tradition of mostly shopping and feeling obliged to show emotions in a very artificial way. I much rather celebrate my love ot Ned every day then dedicate just one day out of the year to it.


Saying that, we did have a super romantic Valentine's - we weren't really planning on celebrating, but somehow, we ended up getting drunk having super passionate sex on the photo shoot backdrop, while taking pictures, catching a couple of rats who took over the kitchen (which doesn't sound like a romantic thing, buy somehow it was) making art, and getting new matching tattoos (of owls!)

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Brine Blank said...

What a great choice of substrate to do has such a strong contrast of being frail and dainty and then you've got the stark imagery of the heart and red color...I like the linework you've done...but I will say that in the illustrations there seems something tragic...I believe it is the color use on the if they pulled out the heart...and the heart is white as if empty...