Thursday, February 19, 2009


New Cups

In the past couple of days, I was really assertive, I've wrote back to some people Ned and I met in the PowerHouse portfolio review, I submitted my art to a Gallery and 3 stores (2 Form answered received back), I communicated with a guy that have a site for New York photographers and got accepted to it (though haven't uploaded anything yet), and send Ned's presentation to an online French magazine.

Somehow, though I'm pretty sick and very tired, I was able ot do all those things, and though it wasn't fun, it was very productive and also, very empowering not to be paralyzed by having to face the notion of communication and knowing that I might get rejected.

However, tonight was spend in not even completing and Etsy order but just making stuff for myself, I designed those cups in my mind last week when I was in State Collage and couldn't fall asleep, and so it was really nice to finally let them take shape in life and not just in my brain.

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