Monday, January 5, 2009

Illustration Friday - Resolve


When I saw this week's Illustration Friday topic which is Resolve, I knew I wanted to make something about the war in Israel \ Palestine. I usually don't care much for political art, nor do I really do anything or very involved in what's going on. I just read the news far more often then I actually want to, worry and being sad. Non of my family lives near fighting is going on, which I'm grateful for, talking to people in Israel, it seem like everyone I know are just tired and sick of everything.

The art piece I wanted to do originally, were supposed to not take sides and just express "resolve it already" intending both Palestinians and Israelis to stop being stupid and start solving this problem instead of making it worse.

While thinking about this more, and thinking that honestly, it's very hard for me to take the Israeli side when I see photos of dead babies and that it also very hard for me to take the Palestinian side when reading about missiles and bombs landing on schools and kindergartens. This war is doing nothing but produce the next generation on enemies and terrorist - for both nations.

However, I am an Israeli, I can't ignore that, I'm frustrated being in Brooklyn and observing this from afar, and I'm sort of happy not to be involved. But I can't ignore the fact that Israel is my homeland and that, like it or not, I am a side of this. And so, I choose in this series of paintings to take the other side, I choose to draw the Palestinian suffering, hoping that maybe someone on the other side, on the Palestinians, know that I can see the suffering and pain of my so called enemies.

I do hope this ends soon, and that peace will be achieve in my generation.

If those pieces sale, I'm donating the money to Gasa Children in need.




christine grove said...

wow. I cannot imagine a war torn homeland. Your pieces are powerful...thought provoking. Beautiful. Sending much love and good thoughts your way.

m. heart said...

beautiful and moving pieces.

INDIGENE said...

This is a moving post, and I hear what you're's been time to end this! I hope and pray that this generational curse will stop, too! Profound art work!

Artemis Wilde said...

Very provocative. Working at a newspaper I see images of the travesties happening in gaza nearly everyday. It's definitely time for resolve.

ArtSparker said...

Very beautiful & meaningful. I think I'm going to post a link to your site in one of the illustration friday participant's comments who lives in the mideast.

Juan said...

Great work! Excellent

yoon see said...

So touching:)