Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions


Or rather just things I want to do and never get around.

I hate making those lists.

I wanted to do a whole Etsy year review and goals for next year and also my own personal things that I want for the year and all that.

But as this year is beginning, I'm not feeling up to it at all. I'm tried and can't sleep well and my brain feels like mush.

I haven't made any art in the past couple of weeks, or very little compare to what I'm used to and this might be the reason.

Talking to a friend today, and talking about New Years resolutions, I thought of how redundant the whole thing is, making rules to your life that if I could, I would have already kept last year. Planning a head into being a person I'm not now. I might as well just wish to win the lottery and be 6 feet tall.

However, there are a lot of things I want to happened in the upcoming year and a part of me does believe in the magic power of intention and making declarations and all that.


Disclaimer! I don't really intend to be and do everything on this list, but even if I only do some of it, it'll be pretty cool. I'm mostly doing this right now cause I feel so uncomfortable in my skin and I wonder who is the person I wish to be instead of who I am.

So here goes nothing:

I want to keep going on my Etsy store, I've been really good about putting at least some work into it almost everyday this year, and it brought be both money and joy. So I hope I'll keep listing new things every day or couple of days. I made it to 273 sales this year which is 23sales over my top goal. I'll be really happy to end Next year at 600 sales. My top goal is 750.

I started selling in a store in Brooklyn and took part of a few trunk show at Ned's mom's house. I do want to be more active as far as craft selling venues, I hope to have at least 2-3 other stores by the end of next year who will be selling my art and take part in 2-3 trunk shows or fairs that does not involve Ned's mom.

I had my first solo art show this year. I want to have at least one more, and this time in New York. I would actually like to have at least 2 of those.

I want to write for at least half an hour everyday, whether it's e-mails, or blog entries or even Yedda answers or Etsy forum comments. I feel like I'm losing my voice.

I want to get a new lens, and a remote control for the camera.

I want to be more brave about interaction with people, and be more social, and start being not afraid from using the stupid phone.

I want to travel, but probably not to Israel.

I want to go back to doing yoga at least once a week, or do a daily half an hour walk, or learn to live better with my flabby body. Or all of the above.

I want to read more.

I want to be better about sleeping hours.

I want to make more art. And more money.

I'm thinking about maybe going back to school or doing some classes, or going back to therapy. For some reason, those things fills the same slot for me, I'm not sure if I want to or not, but I guess I want to think about it more.

I want to keep better connection with my friends in Israel and my family. But I don't want my mom to start talking to me again, even though I dream about that almost every night.

I want to be there for Ned when he needs me and work together on the business side of his photography. It'll be really cool if we get to do some commercial or magazine work together this year.

I want to expend the louchelink site to a monthly art assignment challenge, tohugh I'm not quite sure which shape this will take.

I want to design a new site for myself.

I want to dress better and take better care of my body and look nicer, and put lotion everyday and all this type of crap I feel like all women aside of me do. (yes, this one I already know will not happen...)

I want ot be less scared.

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lostfoundagain said...

Wow. That is a lot of stuff. If that was my list I'd be proud if I accomplished all of that in even five years. I know you don't believe in resolutions- maybe it would be a good idea to focus on a different one of these "resolutions" every month. And not necessarily with the goal of accomplishing each resolution, but just seeing how far you can get with each one and appreciating yourself for whatever progress you made.

I don't believe there's any magic power in intention or declarations. I really think it has to be something reasonable. And reasonable is different for each person. Maybe there is no reasonable resolutions for some people because that's just not how they tend to get stuff done. I know for me, because I like making and following rules, resolutions (but only simple practical ones) are a good way for me to accomplish things.