Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work in Progress


I really hate leaving stuff in the middle, especially when I was working on this for the better part of the day and are about an hour away from completion. But Ned and I agreed to go to sleep at 3:00 AM tonight and it's already 3:10, so I'd better put it down and finish it tomorrow.

So this is a little preview for my new Valentine's item, I wanted to do something for the holiday for the past couple of weeks and tried to avoid either hearts or cards, which left me with pretty much nothing. I think I like my solution for it! I can't wait to finish it tomorrow.

The one clue I'm giving is this - I'm going to make 16 of those, 10 are for sale and 6 will be giveaways. So stay tuned cause I'm going to post those up tomorrow!

Happy valentine's...

1 comment:

sweetscarlett said...

I love the element of surprise!
great work on making the FP!
And a huge THANK YOU for your information on Google Analytics.
I have installed it and now am looking at data!
With a bit of data advice, maybe people will notice me!