Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The only way is up

Butterfly sake set  - Sold!

I woke up feeling like shit this morning, I'm not sure why, maybe it's because my computer's system had been upgraded and I lost a bunch of information in the process, maybe it's going back to working after a week of doing nothing, maybe it's just that my period is in a few days. Whatever the reason is. I woke up at 11:00 after about 5 hours of sleep and was so anxious I couldn't fall asleep again.

Ned was still sleeping. I read the news in the computer, there's a war in Israel again, it's strange not to be there for it.

When I opened my eyes, a bit of a dream or a thought or a smell made me have a really strange craving for this chicken my mom used to make, with oranges, I haven't had it for years and I don't even like it, but at that moment - I would give anything to have a piece.

So I read the news some more, try to overcome this overwhelming sadness, this crushing feeling of panic despair. I have half a shot of Jameson's before I even make coffee. I read the news some more, then try to get my scanner fixed and do some Etsy work, feeling really crappy.

So then Ned wakes up, we get dressed, I tell him about the chicken craving and we decide to have breakfast at EGG, they have really great Fried Chicken, which though, not at all like my mom's orange chicken is the closest we could get.I wear my shoes, the shoe lace snaps off! I wear my coat, and realize I can't find my hat or gloves anywhere in the apartment. That hat is big! unlike other things, it never stay hidden for too long, it's just gone.

So we go to EGG and my hands are cold in the not-so-cold-weather gloves, and I'm pissed and there's a short line, so we wait. Or rather I wait, while Ned goes to where we had breakfast yesterday to ask and no, they didn't see my hat, so he comes back and I go the the dessert shop we went to in the evening, and no, they didn't see it either. I'm tired and cranky and really pissed off. I walk back to EGG and we still have to wait.

WE go in and sit in a table right by the window and then move cause it's so cold, and the very busy waitress take our order over another table's head and guess what?! no Chicken.... I almost cry, but I have a sandwich instead and it's pretty good. There's a woman sitting next to us who keep calling biscuits "scones" and though her friend correct her, she keeps saying "but it's just like scones" and I'm thinking " if she say scone one more time, I'm bashing her head off with the water bottle" I'm just not in people mood and there are a lot of people there.

We go to the city, and ask in Coffee shop - the waitress remember what my hat looks like, but she didn't see in, neither did the cashier in Strand. It's just gone.
Eventually I try the art store, though I'm sure it's not there and already trying to figure out what my new hat would look like, know that for sure it's not going ot be as cool and pretty as my old one.

Even before I reach the cashier, I notice my hat on the shelf with a note on it, they found it and it makes me so happy I'm dancing around the store and thanking them like a million times. Coming home I see that 2 things got sold in the store, and apparently I was on Etsy's first page.

There's a war in Israel and I feel a little embarrassed by being so emotionally effected by a hat, but really, the happiness and sadness I experience today with this hat thing was so extreme it's pretty mind blowing.

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lostfoundagain said...

Wow! That sounds like a really intense day! Not to chalk it all up to hormones, at the same time, it really reminds me of how I feel when I'm PMSing. How little things are huge things and make me feel anxious and like crying even though I know it's not as big as I feel like it is at the moment.

I'm glad you found your hat and gloves in the end though. I can't believe how much running around you guys did to get to it!